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Crown Land

Crown land comprises approximately half of all land in New South Wales. Some of this land is allocated to public uses such as national parks, state forests, schools, hospitals, sporting, camping and recreation areas, as well as lands which are managed and protected for their environmental importance. This leaves other significant portions of Crown land that can be used in a number of ways, including leasing for commercial or agricultural purposes, through to land development and sale.

Crown land management

The Crown Lands Division of the NSW Department of Primary Industries is responsible for the sustainable and commercial management of Crown land. Crown Lands administers an area of approximately 37.1 million hectares (this includes the 3 nautical mile zone and most of the western division of NSW). Crown Lands is responsible for the professional management of some 61,350 licences and permits state wide, along with over 9,200 leases.

Crown Lands also manages the development, marketing and sales of Crown lands not required for public purposes. Various land uses are authorised by the Crown Lands Division including: waterfront occupations; commercial; grazing and agriculture; residential; sporting; community purposes; tourism; and industrial. It manages these Crown lands through a variety of methods such as licensing, leasing, sale and disposal of surplus Crown and other State-owned lands.